I Gained 10 pounds and I feel Great. 

Over the last 5 months I have GAINED 10 pounds and I feel happy and healthy as ever.  I feel like I have given off a bit of the wrong image. Along the way people started to think of me as the girl who lost a lot of weight. Society has trained us that skinny… Continue reading I Gained 10 pounds and I feel Great. 


Numbers DO lie. Don’t Believe them. 

We have all heard the old saying "numbers don't lie" time and time again. It may be applicable in business, baseball scores, and mathematics, but I am hear to tell you that IS NOT the truth when it comes to fitness and body positivity.  First off, let me just rant a little about how stupid… Continue reading Numbers DO lie. Don’t Believe them. 

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Oooohh Girl Kill it

Do you remember the last time you got a genuine compliment or someone posted how great you looked under your photo on Instagram? I bet you felt like a million bucks. What would it hurt to pass along a little bit of that joy to the next girl, especially if you were thinking it already. Why not just say it to her?

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How I Ran My First Half Marathon (and Won!)

My time was 2:08:33, and I was over the moon excited. I felt like dancing and curling up in a ball for a nap all at once. My goal going into the race was to finish in under 2:30:00, and I blew that out of the water.


What to Buy Your Mom for Mothers Day When She Deserves an Island, But You’re on a Dollar Tree Budget.

On Wednesday it hit me that Mothers Day was coming up this Sunday.... whoops. There goes my chance to buy the perfectly personalized and elaborate gift that I always think I should buy. Overall, I spent $14.65 on the gift and the wrapping!