Numbers DO lie. Don’t Believe them. 

We have all heard the old saying "numbers don't lie" time and time again. It may be applicable in business, baseball scores, and mathematics, but I am hear to tell you that IS NOT the truth when it comes to fitness and body positivity.  First off, let me just rant a little about how stupid… Continue reading Numbers DO lie. Don’t Believe them. 


There are NO Weight Loss Quick Fixes. Sorry. 

If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked to buy some sort to fat burner, wrap, carb blocker, magic drink mix, flat tummy tea, waist trainer, or wizardly effective miracle pill, I would literally be living in a mansion constructed of dollar bills alone.  There are THOUSANDS of "weight loss solutions"… Continue reading There are NO Weight Loss Quick Fixes. Sorry. 

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Easy Peasy DIY Choker T-Shirt

I wouldn't say that I am the most fashionable person, but I do love clothes. Considering that money is always a little tight, I can't always afford all of the latest trends. So, I have to find a way to improvise.  I love all the "choker shirts" they are selling at boutiques. They are comfy… Continue reading Easy Peasy DIY Choker T-Shirt

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Is Your Heart as Beautiful as Your Body?

What if the words that you spoke each day were tattooed on your skin and people saw what was in your heart rather than your pretty eyes and your "on point"  perfectly applied cheek highlighter? Would your tattoos look like this photo?  Or would they be more like this one? Although your words and actions… Continue reading Is Your Heart as Beautiful as Your Body?

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How to Make a Chandelier Planter (For less than $20)

Here's a list of my guilty pleasures: -Buying random things at Flea Markets that I will probably never use.  -Crafting stuff that I could probably buy cheaper than I could make. -Buying and planting flowers that normally end up dying. (Yes, I realize this makes me a grandma in a 21 year old body, but… Continue reading How to Make a Chandelier Planter (For less than $20)

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Oooohh Girl Kill it

Do you remember the last time you got a genuine compliment or someone posted how great you looked under your photo on Instagram? I bet you felt like a million bucks. What would it hurt to pass along a little bit of that joy to the next girl, especially if you were thinking it already. Why not just say it to her?

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Rock Your Thick Thighs and Don’t Apologize 

We all know that when you sit down your thighs do THE THING. You know how they morph into huge pancake like blobs 8 times bigger than your fabulous "standing legs"?  ( After the photo I noticed those nice little stray leg hairs and was a little weary to post, but you know what, my… Continue reading Rock Your Thick Thighs and Don’t Apologize 


How the Clumsy Girl Got Fit

Here is the story of how the Clumsy girl got fit.  If you know me, you know I am everything BUT athletic. Like, NOT AT ALL. I didn’t play sports in high school besides softball because it was literally just sad to see me attempt to do athletic things. My Softball playing days consisted of… Continue reading How the Clumsy Girl Got Fit

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Rock that Belly Shirt, Belly Rolls and All

Say Hello to my little belly roll.....I am guilty myself of having a pretty "Highlighted" social media feed myself. BUT, I like to keep it 100% real. SO, today I decided I would talk about yet another taboo topic and post some more unflattering photos of myself for the whole world to see.

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The Beautifully Ugly Truth About Stretch Marks

I am only 21 years old. I do not have any children. I have never been pregnant, yet I still have plenty of stretch marks. I felt bad because I didn't even have a reason or story behind my marks besides that I gained a lot of weight very quickly.