Self Love

Is Your Heart as Beautiful as Your Body?

What if the words that you spoke each day were tattooed on your skin and people saw what was in your heart rather than your pretty eyes and your “on point”  perfectly applied cheek highlighter?

Would your tattoos look like this photo? 

Or would they be more like this one?

Although your words and actions may not be actually tattooed on your skin, people still pick up on the kind of person you are within minutes. It is so important to put your best foot forward each day. 

I love to give out compliments. If I see a selfie that’s on fleek I am going to give it a compliment because why not lift up your fellow females up? I love getting compliments like “you’re so pretty”, “Hottie”, or “wow, you are beautiful”, but in my opinion THE BEST compliment I can give or receive is “you are so kind” or “you are so sweet, I can tell you have a good heart.”

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if when someone brought up your name people said, ” oh man I just love her she’s so nice and genuine.” 

I want to CHALLANGE YOU to look back on your day and judge for yourself: If your skin, hair, body, and clothes were a reflection of your words and actions that day, would you be beautiful? 

My blog has a huge focus on physical aspects. I talk about weight loss and fitness along with loving your physical body, but I haven’t got to talk much about having a beautiful heart and doing good actions.  The real beauty comes from a persons heart and intentions. 

I would love for my beauty to shine from my soul. I am always so inspired when I meet someone truly beautiful from the inside. It is a true blessing to meet people who “light up the room” and a person who makes others feel good. 

I am a work in progress, but I want to work everyday to have a beautiful heart and a kind soul. 


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