Do it Yourself

How to Make a Chandelier Planter (For less than $20)

Here’s a list of my guilty pleasures:

-Buying random things at Flea Markets that I will probably never use. 

-Crafting stuff that I could probably buy cheaper than I could make.

-Buying and planting flowers that normally end up dying.

(Yes, I realize this makes me a grandma in a 21 year old body, but I don’t really care.)

Normally I don’t have time to make pretty things very often, but summer time calls for a fun project. While I was cleaning out my office closet I found a chandelier type thing I had bought on a whim while at the flea market like 2 years ago when I was obsessed with making a custom chandelier for the dinning room (but i never made a single one? Haha). So, I decided to put it to good use. What better project than one that combines all of your favorite hobbies? A chandelier planter!!

 (You could also repurpose an old chandelier to make a planter as well. I would just remove the wiring and fixtures then you could hot glue your pots to where the fixtures used to be after you paint it.)  

I had seen some people make outdoor solar lighting and planters from old chandeliers and I wanted one to. I had a little trouble finding clay pots small enough to fit in the holes, but I finally stumbled upon them at the dollar tree. They came in a 3 pack. (3 for $1 Heck YESSS!!) They fit in there perfectly. I used 9 pots so that was $3.00. 

I bought some of my favorite color spray paint at Walmart-mart for $3.98. The one can was more than enough to paint the whole thing and I had plenty left over for another project. I had to use 2-3 coats to cover everything completely. I just made sure I gave it adequate time to dry between coats. I did not worry about spraying the inside of the pots good because I knew that I was going to be putting dirt and plants in there so it wouldn’t matter. 

NOTE: My instinct before I paint things is to wipe them down with a damp cloth first, but DO NOT DO THIS when you are painting clay pots. Trust me I learned the hard way. The paint will not stick and it will be funky. If you have to wash them down before painting them because they are dirty, then wait 24 hours after getting them damp to paint. 

You cannot have a chandelier without a little sparkle or bling, so I picked up some beads in the craft section at Walmart-mart as well. These little packages had assorted beads in them and were $1.98 a piece. 3 packages was just enough for this project so that was $6.00. I strung the beads in a random pattern onto some fishing line I had left over from some other projects. I used the fishing line to measure between each arm of the Chandelier so i knew how long to make each sting of beads. I made 6 long stings for the bottom arms and 3 shorter strings to hang from the top. I tied the ends so that the beads would not fall off the strings. 

Once I had everything painted and strung, I was ready to put it all together. I just slid the pots into the hole. I tied the end of the strings of beads to each arm of the chandelier. Once I had them all tied, I put a dab of hot glue on on the ties to hold them in all place. 

I wanted to add a top row of pots to the chandelier, so I hot glued the top 3 pots onto the chandelier base. Hot glue is really always the answer to most any crafting problem if you ask me. They are all still holding fine. 

Lastly, I attached the chain to the top and hung it. I had some left over from an old outdoor swing. I opened up the link and attached it to my chandelier. If you did not have an old chain laying around you could use a rope, or they sell chain like this my the yard at some home improvement stores. I had a few stray plants that fit perfectly into the pots. I planted succulents, flowers, and vines in mine. 

You could also put solar lights or tea lights in the pots instead of flowers and have a cute source of outdoor lighting. 


-Chandler base or old Chandiler

-Small Clay Pots

-Spray paint

-Fishing line


-Hot Glues Gun & Glue

-Chain or Rope for hanging 


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