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Oooohh Girl Kill it

Since I’ve started my personal #SelfLoveCampaign  I’ve realized a few things.

1. We all have a lot of the same physical “flaws” BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!! 

2. People appreciate genuineness, realness, and transparency.

3. We have a lot more influence than we realize in real life and on social media. 

I love sharing the message of self-love and learning to love all your “flaws”, but I’ve got the idea that maybe we should try to take it a little farther…

You know when you are scrolling through your feed or looking through snap stories and you see a great photo of another beautiful girl? Or when you see another girl in wal-mart rocking the cutest outfit. Or even when you pass her on the candy isle in the gas station wearing no make-up and sweats, but you notice that she has the prettiest eyes?

Why is it that more often than not we don’t say anything to them? Why don’t we post a quick comment or tell them how awesome their outfit is or how pretty their eyes are? A Simple “Oooohhhhh Girl Kill it” is one of my favorites.  

I’m not sure when or where or why us ladies got scared to support one another. I really don’t know when it became a competition or why it seems so hostile to be a female in the presence of other females, but if we started supporting one another we could do something way more powerful. 

Do you remember the last time you got a genuine compliment or someone posted how great you looked under your photo on Instagram? I bet you felt like a million bucks. What would it hurt to pass along a little bit of that joy to the next girl, especially if you were thinking it already. Why not just say it to her?

I am not just talking about telling all your girl friends how great they are, because I know a lot of you already do this. (And if you don’t you should start) I am talking about telling complete strangers or other girls that you aren’t really close with. I promise that they will not judge you or be mean if you give them a genuine compliment from the heart. It’s not weird. It’s nice, and you are probably going to make them feel awesome. 

I would love to see the “mean girl” stereotype fade away. I really don’t understand why that is even a thing. If the ladies all got on the same team and started lifting one another up the result would be phenomenal. Imagine that all the girls you knew were there to give emotional support when you were down. 

The only thing I ask is to be genuine. People can tell. Be real with your words and they will take you far. 

You have the power to change a persons day or even their outlook by saying a few kind and encouraging words. Give out a few compliments. Spread a little love and positivity. It doesn’t cost a thing. It takes literally 3 seconds. Why not?

I feel good, and I want other ladies to feel good too. It is that simple. 


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