Self Love

Rock Your Thick Thighs and Don’t Apologize 

We all know that when you sit down your thighs do THE THING. You know how they morph into huge pancake like blobs 8 times bigger than your fabulous “standing legs”? 

( After the photo I noticed those nice little stray leg hairs and was a little weary to post, but you know what, my legs grow hair just like everyone else’s so why should I worry about them?) 

I bet you that all the girls reading this right now are nodding their head like “yessssss girl I know exactly what your talking about my thighs always do this.” The reason this is so relateable is because it is universal. If this happens to you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. No matter what size legs you have, this happens. I promise. 

I have hated this for basically all of my teenage and adult life so far. This weird thigh smush seems to sneak it’s way into all my bomb car selfies and makes me want to use my purse as a lap shield anytime I sit down in public. I find myself rearranging my thighs to look more flattering every time before I take a sitting selfie. It has become a normal part of my pre-selfie routine along with combing my hair into place and fixing my lipstick. This is so weird when I think about it. 

Why have I let something so natural and normal rule my thoughts and make me self conscious for so long? 

More importantly, why have I tried to fool myself and everyone else into thinking that my thighs don’t do THE THING like everyone else’s? We are all human. We all have perfectly imperfect human bodies. We should celebrate our bodies rather than degrade them. 

I just want to continue to keep it real and put it all out in the open. My thighs are jiggly, but that’s ok because its normal. When I sit they aren’t cute at all, but they are mine and this “flaw” is no different from the millions of other women out there. 

And you know what!?! I have nothing to be ashamed of because my body is beautiful, just like yours. So, I am going to continue to feel fabulous and rock it no matter what my thighs decide to do in my selfies. 

To prove this point to the max I have taken the honor of putting on the most unflattering spandex shorts I own and take photos. You’re welcome? 

First you see the awful thigh smush…..

And then you get to see me like 30 seconds later standing up and my legs actually look pretty good and even sort of muscular. This is crazy right??

(Yes I know I my tan lines are all over the place and so crazy, but whatever)

The Thigh smush is SOOOO REAL, but its ok because I know I am not alone. It’s just another normal thing that people just don’t talk about. 


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