How the Clumsy Girl Got Fit

Here is the story of how the Clumsy girl got fit. 

If you know me, you know I am everything BUT athletic. Like, NOT AT ALL. I didn’t play sports in high school besides softball because it was literally just sad to see me attempt to do athletic things. My Softball playing days consisted of a lot of cheering from the bench if ya know what I mean. I just was not blessed my the coordination gods. 
I can’t go to the trampoline park because I jump awkwardly and its so unnatural that it actually jars my spine and gives me back pain for a week after. 

Yes, its literally that bad. 

People are so impressed like I must be the poster child of athleticism when I tell them I ran a half marathon this summer. In reality that is far far far from being the case. I’m pretty impressed that I did it too, but even more so when I think about how darn clumsy and awkward I am. 

If I can do it, I have complete confidence that you can to. 

I did not wake up one day being able to run 13 miles. I didn’t even wake up the first day (or even the first few months) being able to run 1 mile. 

I know that is not what you wanted to hear. You get all excited about your new fitness goals and you want to do them all right now, but it takes a lot of time. 

I started by walking. Most of the time I was walking very slowly, but I was walking. I started with 2 miles at a time and then I ventured on into 3 plus miles. Once I could actually walk a good distance, I started to try and jog. I would jog as far as I could (like 100 yards) and then walk for a while until I had plenty of breath to try again. This went on for quite some time. 

I can clearly remember the first time I ran a consecutive mile without stopping since high school. I felt like I was on top of the world, and I was hooked. I really just wanted to keep going to see how far I could really run. I slowly pushed myself a little harder and harder each day and before I knew it I could run 4, 6, 8, and 10 miles. I NEVER EVER thought I would be able to run such distances, but I found out that with a little confidence and determination that I totally could. 

I did use one little tool to get me motivated. I found somewhere online this little shoe that inspired me to do a 100 mile month. (3.3 miles per day) I printed it and committed to coloring in every square before the month was up. It was really cool to see the squares start to add up and about half way through, when walking and running were really getting boring and old, I kept challenging myself because I just had to fill in the rest of the 100 squares. Then, after a whole month I felt so proud of myself and my accomplishments that I actually wanted to keep going.

There are plenty of free apps you can use to track your walking and running. I haven’t really looked into many of them, but I personally use the runtastic app. It works well and has many features. I use the free version and it has worked fine for all of my running and walking. 

 I am including a version of the 100 mile month shoe in this post in case y’all want to download one for yourself. You can also download it from this Link

In other news, I think my running days might be put on hold for a while. I am excited to be starting at a new gym on Monday and I am going to dive head first into lifting heavy. This is also nerve wrecking for me considering how freaking clumsy I am and going to a gym and learning to lift weights correctly for like the first time ever. It is kind of a lot scary. I am sure I will have plenty of updates. 

But, no matter yours or my fitness or nutrition goals I am always willing to talk or cheer you on during your fitness journey. It’s so much fun to connect with everyone. 


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