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Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

I obviously love fresh fruit recipes. I just can’t get over how pretty they look and how good they taste, so I can’t help but share another! 

This smoothie bowl took about 5 minutes to prepare, and it kept me full and satisfied until dinner time. 

I noticed while tracking my macros that I have a hard time getting my 1g of protein for every pound of body weight, so I have really been focusing hard on trying to meet that everyday (so my muscles can grow 💪🏻).  I really would rather chew off my right arm than to drink a traditional protein shake. I just don’t like the taste, texture or consistency of them. I needed to find another way to get that extra bit of protein, so I remembered the mixed berry powder I had bought on sale at a health foods store a while back and decided it might actually mix well in a smoothie. It actually worked well, and I didn’t have any texture and consistency problems because smoothies are already supposed to be thick and a little grainy if you use real fruit. 

Here’s the protein powder I used and it’s nutrition facts:

I don’t really know much about buying protein supplements, but this one seems pretty good.  The website says, 

“NutriBiotic mixed berry flavored Rice Protein is a great tasting vegetable protein made from non-genetically modified whole grain sprouted brown rice. Free of the common food allergens normally associated with soy, milk, egg, wheat, corn, and yeast. This highly soluble powdered fformula mixes easily into water, juice, or meals for an extra protein boost. Chemical processing is avoided by using a purified water and natural enzyme procedure.”

To make the smoothie, I put about a cup (maybe a little more) of fresh frozen strawberries in the blender. Then, I added 1/2 a cup of Greek yogurt, protein powder, and about 1/4 a cup of almond milk. I blended away until it was all mixed and somewhat smooth, and WAH-LA SMOOTHIE BOWL! 

You can pour it into a cup and drink it or you can add it to a bowl with other fresh fruits. I added blueberries and 1 TBSP of chia seeds to mine. 

I love chia seeds because those little guys add a lot of extra nutrients to a dish. They pack a big punch. For their size they contain a large amount of iron, potassium, calcium, protein and fiber. They add a bit of a subbtle nutty flavor that I love.  


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