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When In Doubt Roast It

The stigma of living a healthy lifestyle is that it is boring and plain and you have to eat plain salads and carrots day in and day out. Truth is: Since I started eating healthier, it seems I’ve had more variety in my diet than ever. There are so many fruits and veggies I had never even heard of that I have been able to try and enjoy since I’ve started to branch out. 

Trying new vegetables has been an experience in itself. It is no secret that I am no master chef, although I think I do a pretty ok job. I sure didn’t learn how to make any fancy dishes growing up. I started with Betty Crocker Box Mix Cakes and noodles, and then I eventually learned how to make a full meal. 

When I buy a new vegetable I don’t always know how to cook it or even what part I am even supposed to eat, but I have one never fail cooking secret to clean eating….

When in doubt, ROAST IT. 

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about a little olive oil, seasoning, and a little time in the oven that makes just about any veggie taste delicious. My personal favorites are broccoli and sweet potatoes, but zucchini squash, cauliflower, corn, and asparagus. 

I only have 2 methods to roasting:

1.Just stick it in the oven, no prep. 

For Corn and Sweet potatoes I just take them straight from the cabinet to the oven. The corn I leave in the husk and all. Both of these foods have delicious natural sweet favors and no additional fats or seasonings are needed, so you just cook them! 

2. A dab of olive oil and a sprinkle of seasoning. 

I cut up whatever veggie it is I am going to roast into bite size pieces and add just a tad of olive oil and toss it together so that it coats all the pieces. In this a little goes a long way! Then, I usually add a little seasoning. Most of the time I just use plain old salt and pepper, but I have also been known to add garlic and onion powder or cavenders seasoning.  I have also learned that zucchini squash is good sprinkled with paprika. This is really just up to your preferences. 

The rule of thumb for me is to set the oven to 375 degrees F and normally about 20-30 minutes does the trick, but it really just depends on which veggie you are roasting. You can normally tell that they are starting to get a little brown and roasted, so that’s when I take them out. 

Eating your veggies does not mean you have to eat tiny bland salads and hate every single bite. Feel free to mix it up a little and find ways to enjoy your food. Since I started trying new vegetables and adding more variety, I have learned to actually love eating them. 


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